Top quality mineral water in Hungary

Top quality mineral water in Hungary

The project

The top quality mineral water well is located in Hungary where an exceptional investment opportunity comes on a 550 sqm property and building with valid licenses and permissions. The project is ready for a kick-start and mass production. Owner’s support, know-how and years of expertise are all available.

The mineral water

One of the best mineral waters in the world

Hungary is a mineral water superpower – many blue-chip beverage giants (Nestlé, Coca-Cola) have settled and started production in the neighborhood. 

Our company is the sole owner of a mineral water well with a capacity of 1.000.000 liters/day. The water does not need any further chemical treatment and ready to be bottled immediately.


Total dissolved minerals:  680 mg/l
Calcium: 99 mg/l
Magnesium: 38mg/l
Hydrogen-carbonate: 403 mg/l

The opportunity capitalizing on the blue planet's most valuable commodity

The globally growing need of drinkable water makes this investment an excellent opportunity to yield over decades.

High ROI in a developing European country
Predictable and potentially growing profitability for decades
Private-labelling option


Norbert Toth

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