The blue planet:

Water of the EarthEarth is called "blue planet" intentionally because 70.9 % of its surface is covered by water on the average till 1000 m depth. This enormous quantity (1.32 billion km3) is completed by water in atmosphere and subsurface water.

In compare with Earth's cubage subsurface water is merely 0.13 % but it has great significance concerning life and creating natural mineral water.

Looking down from space Earth is blue so it is called "blue planet". It is due to water on its surface and the atmosphere. The biggest contiguous water surface is formed by oceans and seas. Great deal of frozen water is stored in the poles as well as snow and ice in mountain ranges.

Global distribution of the world's water

Land's water is located in rivers and lakes. The percolated water is hidden in layers of soil and stones. Water is located in air as aqueous vapour. Water is the main component of either human and animal body or plants.

The Earth's water deposit

The 2/3 of the blue planet's surface is covered by water. More and more people need the available water-stock. It is actually salt water (97.5% sea) and 2.5 % of the total quantity is sweet water that is necessary for continental life.

Most of it 67.5% is located as icecaps in poles and snow/ice caps on mountain ranges as well as its insignificant part is subsurface water and water in lakes and rivers. It is approximately 97% of total sweet-water stock which can be accessible for human using. Subsurface water assures the life on Earth.

Little part of sweet-water stock contains enough minerals. This quantity is located sporadically on Earth but within it there is less quantity which has adequate mineral components. Moreover some of them might contain harmful materials for the health.

Water or gold

According to the UN experts water can be more expensive then gold at the end of this century. Unfortunately, this shocking forecast has real reasons. Besides, global migration might start, because of water shortage, towards meaningful sweet water giving areas. Perhaps our scale of values may be rearranged if we cannot reach basic quantity of water which is necessary for our bare necessities. We can meet this name "blue gold" many times but it means contradiction itself.  The water itself is colourless only lights make it blue, green or colour of rainbow like sides of brilliant make it.

When we drink mineral water we can't imagine what treasure is in our glass!

Let's imagine we are in a little calm island of nature in the far past thousands of years ago and we were seeing a falling water-drop. This tiny water-drop, which the whole world is in, set off a long journey. There are some little miracles of nature in it the coolness, the cleanness and the nature's pulsation

It oozes in the stones, which forms the Earth, filters through them and it spends shorter or longer periods in order to enrich with minerals. Following the permanent circulation of nature it comes to surface after thousands of years. Humans help carefully to find its way to surface to get into our glasses in intact condition as nature created it.

Drinking water

The necessary water demand can be assured by artificial way mainly due to shortage of natural resources. We can divide the utilizable water two main sections:
       - Natural origin natural mineral water, spring water
       - Artificially, properly treated drink water and mineral-enriched water



Water is essential factor of life on Earth. 
Without water there is no life and it has crucial importance for humans: 
from point of hygiene, health care, and production

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