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How much liquid do I need

Water is our existence we are inseparable because there is no life without water. Average 60 – 70% of human body is water which can be found partly inside cells and partly outside. When we are getting older proportion of water is reducing. Baby organism contains 80%, adult 60%, elder people 50 % water. 

These reduced water quantity has to supply our body with liquid. That's exactly why water has special role in our body: ensures blood circulation, osmosis pressure of blood, dissolve, absorption, and deliver the necessary nutrition. It has effect for acid-base balance.

With thermostatic control assures nearly permanent body temperature. Adult body needs 2 – 2.5 litres liquid a day. This water demand is covered by food and direct water intake.  Human organism's permanency is assured on the one hand by feeling thirst (it encourage taking water) on the other hand by renal function which assures water conservancy within wide limits.

Human body looks after its water stock it excretes 2.4 litres a day. Nerve and hormonal mechanisms regulate our body's water system. Balance between water taking and water handing down must be equal. It means 2.4 litres a day average. This quantity of water leaves our body on the way of perspiration, breathing, digesting and excretion we have to replace. We take less than half of our daily liquid necessity by food and take the other part as water.

A healthy person's water system is in balance is the daily water taking and water handing down are equal.

Water balance of an adult human body:

Water loss:





Decreasing salivary decretion


Fatigue, fast pulse


Mental activity disorder, organ working slows down



Symptoms of water shortage of human body:

The reasons of thirst are increased water loss which can be caused by vomiting, diarrhoea, perspiration and increased salt (NaCl) taking. If human body's water level decreases dramatically, serious symptoms will show up.

Water has vital importance regarding life and health. It matters how much and what we drink. The best is natural mineral water. It is clean origin and it is the most suitable to satisfy our biological water demand. Mineral water is excellent against thirst it contains loads of important minerals and trace elements in utilizable form for human body.

Water has cardinal importance in our organism's function. Let's take care regular water taking and don't wait until thirst shows up. We should develop our drinking habit methodically and look after proportion of solid and liquid food. We try to have to take short breaks during our daily activities and use these breaks to drink a glass of water. In the evenings we have to cast an account how much liquid we took that day.

Water consuming must counteract water loss. If we drink mineral water it isn't necessary to worry about our shape because mineral water is calorie free.



Water is essential factor of life on Earth. 
Without water there is no life and it has crucial importance for humans: 
from point of hygiene, health care, and production

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