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Continuous stress of time and accomplishment...

Somebody who works, lives under stress of accomplishment and time he/she has to take care his/her body so he/she has to re-create his/her mental and physical power. Unfortunately we don’t take seriously our body’s alarm signals we start thinking about our health when it is too late so we aren’t able to regenerate without medical aid.

BottleMineral water is a natural pulling power as well as sport is in close connection with health. Who lives active life he/she preserves his/her mental and physical strength so in the interest of fulfilling this regular workout is necessary. Sports make general condition better, improve our body’s resistance but intensive liquid loss might test human organism. Drinking water during doing some sport is extremely important. So it matters what, when and how much we drink. The answer is certainly, mineral water. But why and how? Mineral water as natural revictualling and it consists of several minerals and trace elements which are very important from point of nutrition physiology. 

What do we have to replace?

When we are sweating a lot of minerals leave our body (such as Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc) and their replacement is essential. The biggest loss is from NaCl but its direct replace is not necessary because we get enough from our solid food. Compare to blood plasma concentration Magnesium is the most significant element which leaves our body during perspiration. Beside blood plasma other Magnesium reserves of human body decreases. Magnesium shortage causes irritability, insomnia, concentration difficulties, muscle cramps, dizziness and headache. After finishing workout proper Potassium intake helps in regeneration. Potassium eases to build energy sources (glucoses) into musculature and liver.

Sport makes you tough and thirsty. Let’s have a look how!

Water loss
in different sports reckoning the usual workload:

100 m running

0.15 l

10.000 m running

1.5 l

Marathon running

4.0 l

Cross-country skiing (10 km)

1.0 l

rowing (2 km)

0.8 l


3.0 l


1.7 l


3.0 l

wrestling (middle weight)

1.8 l

boxing (middle weight)

1.6 l

Ice hockey

1.8 l

 What does the drink have to know we drink during sport activity?

  1. Resupply the liquid loss in the course of physical activity
  2. Keep in balance minerals which leave our body.
  3. Ensure energy sources (carbohydrates) without inhibit liquid intake
  4. It has good taste and it is refreshing
  5. It has reasonable price and easy to handle its bottle


The natural mineral water is guaranteed calorie free.

Somebody who does some sports regularly that person not only preserves his/her health but also takes care of his/her shape. If he/she drink mineral water it is not necessary to worry about calories.

How do we drink?

When we are doing some sports it is necessary to supply our body with water regularly in order to maintain our achievement and preserve our health.

One hour intensive sport might cause 1.5 l liquid loss. As a result of liquid loss, which reach 2% of body mass that blood is not able to transport enough oxygen into muscles. Acid-base balance breaks and fatigue gets bigger. We can protect against if we drink plenty of water.

Before starting doing sport we have to fill our liquid system at least 0.5 litre water in half an hour.

During sport if it’s possible we should drink 2 – 4 decilitres water in every 15 minutes.  We are supposed to use every break time.

After finishing sport we have to compensate liquid loss bot not all of sudden but smaller in 2 – 4 decilitres portions.

In case of extremely hard sport we need not only liquid and mineral resupply but also energy supplying. Mainly as carbohydrates which are digest and build into easily. It is the best if we ask advice from the nature: drink so called “nature cocktail” one third fruit juice and two third mineral water.



One of the best diet or health food program is to drink more mineral water the still one if possible. Regarding its composition Calcium makes our teeth and nerve system stronger and reduce allergy. Magnesium improves concentration skills eases inflammations and increase endurance. Less people are concerned with the type of mineral water. The question is: Are there any differences among mineral waters? Certainly yes!

Why still water?

Carbonic acid acidifies our body which may cause some disorder and illnesses especially in adolescent age. It was proved several times that alkalizing might be good therapy for illnesses in some cases. Alkalizing is not mandatory or essential of health but if we do not acidify our body our immune system remains stronger so we will be healthier longer. Carbonic acid has extremely acidifying effect so it is recommended to drink still water.

Against osteoporosis

Osteoporosis emerges mainly in older age male over 60 years female when menstruation stops mostly over 50 years. In orthopaed and physiotherapy specialists opinion osteoporosis which is formed unnoticedly could cause such fractures which can lead death of old patients. Taking mineral water, Calcium we are going to reduce calcinosis



Water is essential factor of life on Earth. 
Without water there is no life and it has crucial importance for humans: 
from point of hygiene, health care, and production

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