Saturday, June 25, 2022

What is good for me?

Everything that is natural and healthy.

Why am I drinking natural mineral water? Therefore it is good for me.

A glass of waterWater is sini qua non for human’s general state of health. Thirst is such a mechanism that warns us, our body starts becoming dry. It is better we drink when we are not thirsty yet. Our body loses 2.6 litres water so we must replace this quantity.

It is recommended to retrieve half of this quantity from beverage. We must pay special attention to elders, who don’t feel thirst, as well as babies and children because they are exposed for drying than adults. Water-drinking is the healthiest way to avoid running dry whereas water is calorie free, it doesn’t contain additives or acids.

Drinking bottled water is good!

A bottle and glassBottled water provides an opportunity for customers when they look for traditionally bottled healthy water. 97% of sold water in European Union has natural place of occurrence namely natural mineral water or spring water. According to regulations these waters must be bottled at their springs in order to go to consumers in original conditions without treating or disinfecting. The same doesn’t concern to tap water because it comes to us via pipelines.

Mineral water, is bottled in different sizes, make it possible that water remains precious and by means of it we stay hydrated all day. Information in wrapping or label on bottle of mineral water is as important as any other food product. It provides information about name and location of spring, mineral composition, shelf-life, name and address of manufacturer etc.

During bottling natural mineral water very strict hygiene rules and regulations must be respected and these are checked continuously by authorities. The industry often takes samples and tests the safety of water and used materials. Rule of high priority that the bottled water is not allowed to put into circulation until it doesn’t pass all the examination with good results.


Natural mineral water can be drunk unrestrictedly.

In this respect every mineral water’s quantity must meet determined requirements all of them are high grade clear water and all healthy people can consume it without limitations. Due to its health effect it doesn’t matter we drink sparkling or still ones it is everybody’s choice. Carbonic acid is a gentle acid it has appetizing effect so it is not harmful even it has good influence.

It is not necessary to change different mineral water we can drink our favourite flavour water safely. We can make difference among natural mineral waters according to their tastes, which was determined by dissolved materials in proportion to components. In consequence of it their taste might be from neutral to characteristic taste.

The shoe is on the other foot in case of any illnesses. Ill people – depends on their illnesses – are not allowed to eat and drink any food. That person who is disposed to renal stone shouldn’t drink high Calcium and Magnesium content mineral water, that one who has high blood pressure shouldn’t drink high Sodium content water. That person who has hyperacidity is supposed to drink alkaline water, that one who has osteoporosis should drink high Calcium and Magnesium content mineral water and so forth. Gastralgic person whose cardia doesn’t close well must drink still water or who has less gastric acid must drink sparkling water.

So an ill person has to consult his/her general practitioner on recommended mineral water. It doesn’t matter for a healthy person but it is advisable to check the real mineral content of water we drink. 



Water is essential factor of life on Earth. 
Without water there is no life and it has crucial importance for humans: 
from point of hygiene, health care, and production

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