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Origin of water

Water Cycle

Creation of mineral water is an extraordinary complicated process.

Geological circumstances have primary role but physical biological and chemical factors has influence on forming subsurface waters. Mineral water might be classified by reason of composition, characteristic, appearance, origin and several other factors which define its forming.

The most important characteristic of water is how many years it has spent under the surface because it obtains the minerals of this area. Glacier and karst waters are young, they have insignificant mineral content. Subsurface waters can spend hundreds, thousands even million years underground.

Most of mineral waters have connection with water circulation aka hydrogeological period.

According to their origin waters might be classified in to groups:
                - When the water has never been involved in surface circulation and it came to surface by volcanic gasification or,
                - When water participated in surface water circulation at least once.

Water circulation

Water circulation aka hydrogeological period means that all the waters around the world are moving and changing. Their impetus is solar radiation. Under its influence water changes its physical condition (evaporation, freezing, melting) and its place.

Solar radiation warms up waters of oceans and seas and the warming sea water evaporates. Water vapour goes to the air from land waters (rivers, lakes) as well as from living creatures’ transpiration. When air masses with water vapour go up and turn cold the cloud and precipitation process start. It ensues above oceans and seas. 

Cycle of water

From precipitation clouds are carried by wind rain or snow might fall to land.  One part of precipitation vapours and the other part percolates into the soil and deep into stones. Springs bring up to the surface and carry to rivers and forward to seas.

The fallen water freezes and melts as snow in the mountains goes into streams and rivers.  The vaporized water from rivers, lakes and living creatures – mainly plants – increase the water vapour of atmosphere. Afterwards the circulation starts again and again.


Water circulation has three main stages: vaporization, formation of precipitation and outflow.

The annual vaporized and outflowed water are in balance so quantity of water doesn’t diminish. It matters what kind of waters get into circulation process for instance spilled polluting materials into rivers and lakes finally go into seas.

Pollution of subsurface waters has influence to other living world. It has crucial importance that water, which is used by factories, gets back to rivers and lakes after purification.



Water is essential factor of life on Earth. 
Without water there is no life and it has crucial importance for humans: 
from point of hygiene, health care, and production

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