Mineral water

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Origin of mineral waters

Defining the natural mineral water as expression:

All natural mineral water is subsurface water but not all subsurface water is natural mineral water.

Glass of mineral waterNatural mineral water is priceless, healthy, by virtue of its origin it is clear, free from pollution, human intrusion, natural food product. Point of dietary as well as human body's life functions it consist of minerals, macro and micro elements in favourable quantity. The water quality has to meet strict demands in order to be named natural mineral water. 

Only that water can be natural mineral water which

  • originates from protected water giving layer,
  • originally clean, free from impurity,
  • its composition is known and permanent,
  • its components can be found in definite quantity,
  • due to its mineral and trace element content it has fortunate health effect,
  • it has to meet strict biological demands,
  • apart from few physical processes it mustn't be treated,
  • extraneous materials – except carbon-dioxide – mustn't be given to the water,
  • it must be bottled the place of well in order to preserve its original composition and purity.

Origin of natural mineral waters:

Karst waterDue to fissures in Earth's crust the main part of falling precipitation percolates to under the surface. Huge funnel-like dips of limestone structure karstland are able convey down vast quantity water but even the most massive granite consists of hair-cracks where the precipitation oozes. As a result of this the crucial (more than two third) part of sweet water deposit is stored under the surface, in suitable formation of Earth's crust. During slow oozing processes by the side of long pathways it reaches extraordinary abyss. Subsurface water circulation is very slow it may last thousands of years in extreme cases. The determinant fact of deep percolation is the structure of Earth's crust which can be two types. Impermeable rocks hinder water percolation aquifer formations have such cracks, which enable to store huge quantity water. The precipitation water dissolves minerals from recipient rocks whereas the dissolved negligible carbon-dioxide increases the dissolving effect. It depends on the composition of rocks, where the water percolated through, as well as how deep the water giving rocks are the dissolved mineral content and composition change. The deeper the water is located the more effective it dissolves the minerals. There is excellent quality and free from impurity mineral water deposit under Carpathian-basin, which have advantageous geological and hydrogeological conditions, so actually they are inexhaustible.

The natural mineral water::

tear of waterWater which clear of external impurity and human interference comes from the protected catchment of Earth's crust is the natural mineral water. From the point of human life functions mineral waters contain favourable quantity and composition minerals as well as macro- microelements. Beside its components, good flavour and its excellent thirst slaking properties its biggest advantage in compare to other beverages that it is free from calories. The bottled mineral water is a special type of food products that means its origin and quality are guaranteed. Certified chemical composition, microbiological purity and quality mineral water is allowed to bottle, acknowledged by only the competent authority of provenance. This authority give a permission to use "natural mineral water" on its label which attest precious mineral content of product as well as its special nutrition physiological values. Beside regular, official control the bottling factories assures with continuous control in own chemical and microbiological laboratory.

The natural mineral waters, in the interest of preserving original purity and chemical composition, are bottled at the water output area. Actually origin and geological occurrence of mineral waters don't differ from other subsurface waters but the only, determinant fact is that water origins from protected or not protected (vulnerable) water basis. Natural mineral water comes from protected water giving area and its well is surrounded by definite size protected area.Environmental pollution can't get into the natural mineral water due to its origin because water giving formation is protected against surface pollution. Other waters might be polluted in larger or smaller degree because of following reasons:

Polluting material can get into non-protected, vulnerable water basis in natural way:

  • Organic materials, hormones, degradation products of medicines, drugs may ooze through from communal water
  • Erosion of natural sediments as well as inorganic materials and different metals ooze trough from factories and dumps
  • Waste of electronic and glass manufacturing industry could ooze through, asbestos
  • From agricultural areas plant protection chemicals and their remnants can ooze through etc.

The natural mineral water is originally clean but tap water becomes clean by treatment and cleaning. With a clear conscience we can declare the natural mineral water is "organic product" because it goes to consumers without human interference, treatment, adding to any materials in its original condition

Minerals in mineral waters 

water flushMineral water is such a material which is made up of minerals and other dissolved materials. These materials give it particular taste and often curative effect. It comes up from abyss, from unvitiated layers.

As it can be seen from defining natural mineral water as a concept, after accomplishing comprehensive examinations water might be declared as mineral water. Quantities of anion, cation and trace element (those element which are in very little concentration but they are very important from point of physiology) content can be defined with these examinations. Moreover quantity of different organic and radioactive characteristic compounds, isotope level of water constituents, toxicities of specific constituents take into consideration their limit values.

The total dissolved mineral content of natural mineral waters is different in each and every country. On the basis of researches we can meet very little mineral contents (63 mg/l) which is sold as mineral water and on the other hand we have found water which mineral content is 3300 mg/l. Of course those waters, which have too little mineral content, are worthless but those ones which have too high mineral content the human body is not able to consume it so accumulated matters can be formed.

The healthiest mineral water has 500-900 mg/l mineral content. These contain some of below mentioned materials:  

  • Lithium ion at least 5 mg/l
  • Sulphide ion or titratable Sulphur at least 1 mg/l
  • Meta-silicic-acid at least 50 mg/l
  • Sodium ion less than 200 mg/l
  • Magnesium ion at least 20 mg/l
  • Calcium ion at least 60 mg/l
  • Bromide ion at least 5 mg/l
  • Iodine ion at least 1 mg/l
  • Fluoride ion 0.8 – 1.2 mg/l
  • Radio activity at least 37 Bq/l
  • Free carbon-dioxide at least 1000 mg/l

Similar characteristic of medicinal water might reach 20,000 mg/l.
According to their characteristics they are mainly Calcium-, Magnesium-, Sodium-hydrogen- -carbonated, chloride, sulphate, fluoride waters or their variations.

The consumed water has mutual effect to human tissue. Mineral waters show their beneficial results in this way such as 1400 litres water go through a human brain a day or 2000 litres water wash through the kidneys. Human body needs several materials which can’t be found in food but they are in mineral waters.

Due to their curative effects holiday resorts or spas are often established next to mineral water springs. One of the biggest exploitable mineral water deposit and mineral water springs around the world are located in Hungary. Currently more than hundred wells and springs give recognised natural mineral water and their significant part is being bottled.

Canada and Carpathian-basin assure 75% of Earth’s total mineral water deposit.

Europe is the homeland of mineral water springs. There aren’t any regions on Earth which is so rich in mineral waters and this treasure isn’t used so intensively nowhere on Earth.

Europe has the biggest mineral water region it has vast subsurface deposit, extremely rich in mineral waters and medicinal waters. 

calm waterSpecial condition of Carpathian-basin that the sedimentary stone mass of earth’s crust and its closed water deposit is infiltrated by heat to a high pitch than other area of Earth in consequence of which there are lots of thermal water place of occurrence and mineral waters consist of relatively lots of minerals.

Hundreds of deep wells are known, considering their characteristic, which provide mineral water. Depth of wells is different from 25m to 2500 m. Nowadays hundreds of wells produce recognised, natural mineral water and most of them are being bottled.